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A Simple Step Toward Healthier Living

Why go to great lengths to make sure the foods you eat are safe and natural, but then coat your body with soaps, shampoos, and cosmetics that are laden with synthetic chemicals?

The Natural Beauty Solution is a step-by-step guide that will help you systematically replace your commercial skin and hair care products with a 100% natural routine. With easy-to-follow, affordable, and customizable recipes, The Natural Beauty Solution provides wholesome alternatives to mass produced products. These simple recipes and solutions will help you feel and look your natural, healthy best.

Inside You’ll Discover:
- Easy-to-follow, all-natural recipes to replace commercial beauty products
- How to develop and transition to a natural beauty routine
- The essential ingredients and tools you’ll need
- Easy to achieve rewards of DIY facial and body skin care
- Steps to a healthier, happier head of hair
- Helpful tips, personal stories, and troubleshooting advice

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Praise for The Natural Beauty Solution:

"... This is really a bible for the person looking not just to make but to understand natural beauty products. The reference material in it, such as tables of natural oils showing their properties in beauty products, elevate the book above the level of a typical DIY recipe collection...." - Kathy Ciuci

"...This book is so inspiring! It's the kind of book I love: friendly tone, lots of extra troubleshooting tips and advice in the sidebars, and well-designed for easy reading comprehension. ...." - Hilah Cooking

"...Several cuts above the hippy dippy natural beauty selections you come across in the health food store, The Natural Beauty Solution is a chic lifestyle book that matches Mary Helen Leonard's signature look and feel of approachable sophistication..." - Kristin Sheppard

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